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Understanding Google’s New Game Changing Anti-Porn Policy And What It Means For Online Porn.

As a lot of you may have heard by now, Google is pushing away the porn business. 

It was national news when Google recently decided to change their policy on their world famous Google AdWords program and no longer allow ads that contain explicit language or those that link to pornographic websites.

First off, this is huge. Really huge.

But for a lot of people, it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

As you can imagine, after the news broke, we got a ton of people sending us this article and proclaiming, “This is awesome! You can’t search porn using Google anymore!”

While that would be nice… that is not the case.

Here’s the breakdown:

Google AdWords is a program that Google offers companies/websites for paid advertising next to its organic search results. AdWords results are much different than organic results, which are the ones that the Google search engine automatically finds for you, the main results that show up when you search any word. Organic results are free for any website and they show up simply because Google knows that they are the most relevant and popular sites according to what you are searching for.

Google AdWords are the little ads that appear on the side and top of the page on your search results. Companies/websites pay Google to put them up and keep them there.

Now that we’ve made that distinction, here’s what it all means:

People can still search for porn on Google. It will still come up in the main, organic results.

Don’t do it. It’s not cool.

However, the BIG deal and what is a HUGE step in the right direction for us Fighters who know the harmful effects of easily accessible porn, is that Google basically said, “We’re not going to allow any porn websites to pay us to advertise for them anymore.”

So now, regardless of what you search, the paid ads that appear on the side and top of Google’s search results will never contain anything explicit or lead you to anything pornographic.

What makes this even cooler is that Google had their heart in the right place on this one. It’s been reported that Google makes up to $100 million A DAY from Google AdWords. Yeah, that’s a lot of cash. So when you take into account the research that shows that 12 percent of all websites contain porn and that 25 percent of all searches on Google are for porn, you could see how much money Google would lose by making this new policy.

But Google didn’t care and they did it anyways.

Just another reason why Google is awesome.

We all Fight every day to educate and raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography and the ill to society that high speed internet pornography is. This move by Google was the result of a large movement of people just like you standing up for the truth and spreading the word about porn.

To sum it all up, we’ll quote the Relevant Magazine article that we cited for this post:

"Google is showing that it is willing to sacrifice a large chunk of constant revenue in order to no longer profit from the proliferation of pornography on the Internet."

Props, Google.

*Progress like this is made by people like you who support good causes and organizations that are Fighting to make the world a better place. Donate to Fight the New Drug and help change the world with us.

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